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ANTON [ANTAL] Szemelliker

priest of the diocese of Eisenstadt

born: 15 April 1882 in Wulkaprodersdorf (a.k.a.Vulkapordány),

                 Eisenstadt-Umgebung (Austria) 

died: 09 April 1919 in  Sopron (a.k.a. Ödenburg), Győr-Moson-Sopron (Hungary) 


priest of the diocese of Eisenstadt

born: 17 July 1855 in Neckenmarkt, Oberpullendorf (Austria)

died: 05 June 1919 in Császár, Komárom-Esztergom (Hungary)


priest of the archdiocese of Vienna

born: 13 October 1892 in Poysdorf, Mistelbach (Austria)

died: 05 or 06 April 1945 in Kaltenleutgeben, Mödling (Austria)

ALOIS Rabensteiner (ALBERICH)

professed priest, Cistercians

born: 28 January 1875 in Villandro (A.k.a Villanders), Sud Tirol (Italy)

died: 02 April 1945 in Wiener Neustadt (Austria)


priest of the diocese of Eisenstadt

born: in (Austria)

died: 04 April 1945 in  Nickelsdorf (a.k.a., Miklóshalma), Neusiedl am See (Austria)

Rupert Sauerzapf

priest of the diocese of Eisenstadt

born: 1908 in (Austria)

died: 17 October 1945 in Kleinfrauenhaid,  Zemendorf-Stöttera (Austria)


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