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~ Chad ~

Alfredo pérez Lobato

professed religious, Jesuits

born: 15 August 1937 in Regueras, León (Spain)

died: 01 December 1973 on the road from Bitkine to Mongo, Guéra (Chad)


professed religious, Jesuits

born: 10 February 1911 in Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes (France)

died: 23 May 1976 in N’Djamena (Chad)

Christine d’Herouville

professed religious, Xaviere Sisters, Missionaries of Christ Jesus

born: 06 August 1964 in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique (France)

died: 15 January 1997 in N’Djamena (Chad)

Christiane Philippon

professed religious, Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles

born: 21 March 1946 in Saint Privat d’Allier, Haute-Loire (France)

died: 26 December 2004 on the road from Guelendeng, Mayo-Lémié, to N’Djamena (Chad)


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