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~ Dominican Republic ~

Luís Ramón Peña GONZÁLEZ [Papilín]

seminarian of the diocese of Higüey

born: 08 May 1936 in La Romana (Dominican Republic)

died: spring of 1960 in La Vega (Dominican Republic)

James Arthur MacKinnon

priest of the Scarboro Foreign Mission Society

born: 30 September 1932 in New Victoria, Nova Scotia (Canada)

died: 22 June 1965 in Monte Plata (Dominican Republic)

Florinda Soriano de Muñoz [Mamá Tingó]

layperson of the archdiocese of Santo Domingo; married

born: 08 November 1921 in San Felipe de Villa Mella, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

died: 01 November 1974 in Gualey, Yamasá, Monte Plata (Dominican Republic)


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