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Konstantinas Daukantas

priest of the diocese of Šiauliai

born: 10 October 1896 in Patumšaliai, Viešvėniai, Telšiai (Lithuania)

died: 10 March 1942 at KL Auschwitz, Oświęcim (Poland)

Augustinas Piurko

deacon of the archdiocese of Vilnius

born: 25 May 1913 in Turniškės, Vilnius (Lithuania)

died: 13 April 1942 at Lukiškės Prison, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Boleslovas Bazevičius

priest of the archdiocese of Vilnius

born: 17 March 1899 in Richland, Pennsylvania (United States)

Jonas Naumovičius

priest of the archdiocese of Vilnius

born: 06 March 1902 in Šiaudinė, Juodšiliai, Vilnius (Lithuania)

died: 20 May 1942 in Švenčionėliai (a.k.a. Nowe Święciany), Švenčionys, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Severinas BUTEIKIS

priest of the archdiocese of Kaunas

born: 08 January 1911 in Pravackus, Ukmergė (Lithuania)

died: 1942 in Kalvarija, Marijampolė (Lithuania)

Leonas Puciata

priest of the archdiocese of Vilnius

born: 08 July 1884 in Vilnius (Lithuania)

died: 12 July 1943 in Vilnius (Lithuania)

Adomas Zaremba

priest of the archdiocese of Vilnius

born: 15 August 1875 in Latviešu, Giedraičiai, Molėtai (Lithuania)

died: 27 November 1943 in Paringys, Ignalina (Lithuania)

Antanas Šapalas

layperson of the archdiocese of Vilkaviškis

born: 16 June 1914 in Vartai, Prienai (Lithuania)

died: 19 June 1945 in Puck (Poland)


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