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~ Madagascar ~

Jean de BoissÉson

professed priest, Jesuits

born: 11 June 1910 in Boissezon, Tarn (France)

died: 29 May 1988 in Antananarivo (Madagascar)


professed priest, Company of Mary (Montfort Missionaries)

born: 17 October 1930 in La Grigonnais, Loire-Atlantique (France)

died: 29 March 1994 in Antsiramandroso, Tamatave II (Madagascar)

Marcel Joseph Hübscher

professed priest, Missionaries of the Holy Family

born: 28 December 1920 in Frauenfeld, Thurgau (Switzerland)

died: 09 March 1998 in Antananarivo (Madagascar)

Roger Morin (MARTINUS)

professed religious, Brothers of the Sacred Heart

born: 14 November 1926 in Springvale, Maine (United States)

died: 12 April 2002 in Tsaramandroso, Fianarantsoa (Madagascar)

Bruno Raharison

professed priest, Jesuits

born: 20 December 1957 in (Madagascar)

died: 30 September 2012 in Antananarivo (Madagascar)

Germaine HELESBEUX (Marie-Emmanuel)

professed religious, Sisters of Providence of Ruillé-sur-Loir

born: 09 September 1931 in Domalain, Ille-et-Vilaine (France)

died: 01 March 2013 in Mandritsara (Madagascar)


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