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professed priest, Company of Mary (Montfort Missionaries)

born: 13 September 1931 in Noorbek, Eijsden-Margraten, Limburg (Netherlands)

died: 24 August 1964 in Nangololo, Cabo Delgado (Mozambique)

Guerrino Prandelli

professed priest, Consolata Missionaries

born: 31 August 1943 in Brescia (Italy)

died: 17 October 1972 near Belém, Niassa (Mozambique)

Luis García Castro

priest of the Spanish Foreign Mission Institute

born: 02 February 1934 in Madrid (Spain)

died: 06 August 1976 in Manica (Mozambique)

ORlando Gaspare (Benedetto FROM ALCAMO)

professed priest, Capuchin Franciscans

born: 01 January 1913 in Alcamo, Trapani (Italy)

died: 20 October 1976 in Milange, Zambézia (Mozambique)

Francisco do Nascimento Morais

professed religious, Franciscan Friars Minor

born: 27 January 1925 in Lebução, Valpaços (Portugal)

died: 21 March 1982 in Pembe, Inhambane (Mozambique)

Vera Occhiena

professed religious, Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians (Salesian Sisters)

born: 06 September 1922 in Capriglio, Asti (Italy)

died: 05 June 1982 in Maputo (Mozambique)

Alírio Baptista

priest of the Missionary Society of the Good News

born: 10 July 1930 in Calvão, Vagos (Portugal)

died: 20 November 1983 in Nampula (Mozambique)

Olivo Torboli (Saverio from Massone)

professed priest, Capuchin Franciscans

born: 18 March 1937 in Massone di Arco, Trentino (Italy)

died: 07 August 1984 toward Mocuba, Zambézia (Mozambique)

Frederico Samuel Guimboa

professed priest, Franciscan Friars Minor

born: 14 December 1943 in Nhampata de Palla, Maxixe, Inhambane (Mozambique)

died: 26 November 1984 in Maluane, Maputo (Mozambique)

Paola Teresa Dalle Pezze

professed religious, Comboni Missionary Sisters

born: 15 October 1939 in Fane di Negrar, Verona (Italy)

died: 03 January 1985 in Monapo, Nampula (Mozambique)

João de Deus Gonçalves Kamtedza

professed priest, Jesuits

born: 08 March 1930 in Vila Mouzinho, Tete (Mozambique)

Sílvio Alves Moreira

professed priest, Jesuits

born: 16 April 1941 in Rio Meão, Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal)

died: 30 October 1985 in Chapotera, Lifidzi, Angónia (Mozambique)

Manuel Chicanjo Peres

layperson of the archdiocese of Beira; married; catechist

born: 14 May 1953 in Mutarara, Tete (Mozambique)

died: 14 September 1987 in Guiúa, Jangamo, Inhambane (Mozambique)

António da Rocha

priest of the Missionary Society of the Good News

born: 17 March 1959 in Escariz, Arouca (Portugal)

died: 17 January 1989 in Chiúre, Pemba (Mozambique)

Francesco Bortolotti (Francesco from Vigo Meano)

professed priest, Capuchin Franciscans

born: 09 December 1945 in Vigo Meano, Trentino (Italy)

Antonio Saltori (Oreste from Vigo Meano)

professed priest, Capuchin Franciscans

born: 13 June 1931 in Vigo Meano, Trentino (Italy)

Giuseppe Campanella (Camillo from Francavilla Fontana)

professed priest, Capuchin Franciscans

born: 21 January 1940 in Francavilla Fontana, Brindisi (Italy)

died: 27 March 1989 in Inhassunge, Zambézia (Mozambique)

Manuel Joaquim Cristóvão

priest of the Missionary Society of the Good News

born: 26 April 1926 in Corgas, Proença-a-Nova (Portugal)

died: 21 January 1991 in Chibuto, Gaza (Mozambique)

ArIel Granada Serna

professed priest, Consolata Missionaries

born: 02 March 1941 in Marulanda, Caldas (Colombia)

died: 15 February 1991 in Massangulo, Niassa (Mozambique)

Maria de Lurdes Gonçalves Granado

professed religious, Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood

born: 17 October 1954 in Escalhão, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Guarda (Portugal)

died: 05 March 1992 in Namaacha, Maputo (Mozambique)

Alfredo Fiorini

professed religious, Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus

born: 05 September 1954 in Terracina, Latina (Italy)

died: 24 August 1992 in  Muiravale, Nampula (Mozambique)

Waldyr dos Santos

professed priest, Jesuits

born: 01 April 1937 in Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Idalina Neto Gomes

layperson of the diocese of Viseu;

member, Laypeople for Development

born: 25 December 1975 in Fonte Arcadinha, Aguiar da Beira, Guarda (Portugal)

died: 06 November 2006 in Fonte de Boa, Tete (Mozambique)


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