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priest of the diocese of Timișoara

born: 10 April 1884 in Grabaț, Timiș (Romania)

died: 25 March 1953 in Aiud, Alba (Romania)

Cornel Chira

professed priest, Jesuits

born: 20 April 1904 in Boj, Hunedoara (Romania)

died: 20 August 1953 in Jilava, Bucharest (Romania)

Augustin Pacha

bishop of Timișoara

born: 26 November 1870 in Măureno, Caraș-Severin (Romania)

died: 04 November 1954 in Timișoara (Romania)

ClEmentine Mayer

professed religious, Congregatio Iesu

born: 03 October 1881 in Rettenberg, Oberallgäu (Germany)

died: 22 July 1956 in Văcăreşti, Bucharest (Romania)

Aladár Szoboszlay

priest of the diocese of Timișoara

born: 18 January 1925 in Timișoara (Romania)

died: 01 September 1958 in Aiud, Alba (Romania)

EGON Francisc-Xaveriu Haider

priest of the archdiocese of Bucharest

born: 27 August 1920 in Bucharest (Romania)

died: 09 September 1956 in Văcăreşti, Bucharest (Romania)

Zenovie Pâclişanu

priest of the archeparchy of Făgăraș și Alba Iulia; married

born: 01 May 1886 in Straja, Berghin, Alba (Romania)

died: November 1958 in Jilava, Bucharest (Romania)

Anton Weinschrott (Paulus)

professed priest, Society of the Divine Savior

born: 17 January 1919 in Bacova, Timiş (Romania)

died: 03 June 1960 in Gherla, Cluj (Romania)


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