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priest of the diocese of Maribor

born: 07 January 1884 in Hajdina (Slovenia)

died: 13 March 1940 in Jurski Vrh (a.k.a. Sveti Jurij ob Pesnici), Kungota (Slovenia)

Martin Gaberc

priest of the diocese of Maribor

born: 29 September 1883 in Črešnjevec, Slovenska Bistrica (Slovenia)

died: 06 April 1941 in Gornja Radgona (Slovenia)

Alojzij Žužek

professed priest, Jesuits

born: 10 May 1865 in Planina, Ajdovščina (Slovenia)

died: 15 May 1941 in Maribor (Slovenia)

Janez Krisch (Gvido)

professed religious, Teutonic Order

born: 14 May 1883 in Kočevska Reka (a.k.a. Rieg bei Gottschee), Kočevje (Slovenia)

died: ca. 10 June 1941 at Hartheim Castle, Alkoven, Eferding (Austria)

Anton Duhovnik

priest of the archdiocese of Ljubljana

born: 09 May 1920 in Preska, Medvode (Slovenia)

died: 15 April 1945 at KZ Mauthausen, Perg (Austria)


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