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~ Somalia ~

Pietro Colombo (Salvatore)

professed priest, Franciscan Friars Minor;

bishop of Mogadishu

born: 22 October 1922 in Carate Brianza, Monza e Brianza (Italy)

died: 09 July 1989 in Mogadishu (Somalia)

Francesco Turati (Pietro)

professed priest, Franciscan Friars Minor

born: 19 October 1919 in Nuvolera, Brescia (Italy)

died: 08 February 1991 in Jilib (a.k.a. Gelib), Jubbada Dhexe (Somalia)

Sean Devereux

layperson of the diocese of Arundel and Brighton;

member, Salesian Cooperators

born: 25 November 1964 in Camberley, Surrey, England (United Kingdom)

died: 02 January 1993 in Kismayo, Jubbada Hoose (Somalia)

Maria Cristina Luinetti

layperson of the archdiocese of  Milan

born: 22 March 1969 in Milan (Italy)

died: 09 December 1993 in Mogadishu (Somalia)

Graziella Fumagalli

layperson of the archdiocese of  Milan

born: 24 August 1944 in Casatenovo, Lecco (Italy)

died: 22 October 1995 in Merca, Shabeellaha Hoose (Somalia)

Annalena Tonelli

layperson of the diocese of  Forlì-Bertinoro

born: 02 April 1943 in Forlì, Forlì-Cesena (Italy)

died: 05 October 2003 in Boorama (a.k.a. Borama), Awdal (Somalia)


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