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~ Isolated Cases ~

Patrick Heslin

priest of the archdiocese of San Francisco

born: 01 August 1857 in Killoe, Longford (Ireland)

died: 02 August 1921 in Colma, San Mateo, California (United States)

James Edwin Coyle

priest of the diocese of Birmingham

born: 23 March 1873 in Drum, Athlone, Roscommon (Ireland)

died: 11 August 1921 in Birmingham, Alabama (United States)

Martin Cabo (Marcellus)

professed priest, Franciscan Friars Minor

born: 02 June 1915 in Chicago, Illinois (United States)

died: 28 November 1974 in Neopit, Menominee, Wisconsin (United States)

John Daniel Rossiter

priest of the diocese of La Crosse

born: 02 July 1920 in La Crosse, Wisconsin (United States)

Ferdinand Roth SR.

layperson of the diocese of La Crosse; married

born: 11 December 1929 in La Crosse, Wisconsin (United States)

William George Hammes

layperson of the diocese of La Crosse; married

born: 16 August 1918 in Barre, La Crosse, Wisconsin (United States)

died: 07 February 1985 in Onalaska, Wisconsin (United States)

Aleksandra Gabrysiak

layperson of the diocese of Elbląg

born: 16 April 1942 in Radzymin, Wołomin (Poland)

died: 06 February 1993 in Elbląg (Poland)


archbishop of Guadalajara; cardinal

born: 10 November 1926 in Salvatierra, Guanajuato (Mexico)

died: 24 May 1993 in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico)

Renzo beretta

priest of the diocese of Como

born: 12 June 1922 in Camerlata, Como (Italy)

died: 20 January 1999 in Ponte Chiasso, Como (Italy)

Mary Philomena Fogarty (MARY Coirle)

professed religious, Franciscan Missionaries of Mary

born: 02 November 1935 in Cork (Ireland)

died: 25 March 2003 in Norfolk, Virginia (United States)


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