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~ 1587 ~


1) 09 May in Genoa (Italy)



        professed religious, Canonesses Regular of the Lateran of Saint Augustine

        born: 1587 in Genoa (Italy)


        competent forum: Genoa

        CCS protocol number: 1026

        type of cause: heroic virtues


        opening of informative process:

        closing of informative process:

        decree on writings:

        introduction of cause: 24 September 1638

        decree non cultu :

        opening of apostolic process:

        closing of apostolic process:

        decree on validity of informative and apostolic processes:

        antepreparatory congregation:

        commission of CCS officials and consultants: 07 December 1971

        session of cardinal and bishop members of the CCS: 21 March 1972

        papal confirmation of plenary session sentence: 04 May 1972

        promulgation of decree on heroic virtues: 22 June 1972



        petitioner: Canonici Regolari Lateranensi, Via Venezia 3, 16126 Genova, ITALY

                             Centro Studi Sta. Caterina, Viale IV Novembre, 5, 16121 Genova, ITALY







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