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1) 21 October in Palermo (Italy)



professed priest, Jesuits

born: July 1591 in Licata, Agrigento (Italy)


competent forum: Palermo

CCS protocol number:

type of cause: heroic virtues



opening of informative process:

closing of informative process:

decree on writings:

introduction of cause: 17 February 1713

decree « non cultu »:

opening of apostolic process:

closing of apostolic process:

rescript on validity of informative and apostolic processes:

antepreparatory congregation:

preparatory congregation:

general congregation: 

promulgation of decree on heroic virtues: 25 March 1847



petitioner: Ufficio Vice-Provinciale dei Gesuiti, P.za Casa Professa, 21, 90134 Palermo, ITALY




2) 03 December in Lenola, Latina (Italy)



layperson of the archdiocese of Gaeta

born: 1579 in Lenola, Latina (Italy)


competent forum: Gaeta

CCS protocol number: 2787

type of cause: heroic virtues



rescript of “nihil obstat”: 19 July 2007

opening of diocesan inquiry: 29 July 2007

closing of diocesan inquiry:

rescript on validity of diocesan inquiry:

submission of Positio to CCS:

session of historical consultants:

particular meeting of theological consultors:

session of cardinal and bishop members of the CCS: 


postulator: Prof. Sabatino De Simone

petitioner: Santuario Maria SS. del Colle, P.le Del Colle, 1, 04025 Lenola (LT), ITALY

website: www.gabrielemattei.it




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