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1) 27 January in Monza, Milan (Italy)




professed priest, Barnabites

born: 10 December 1605 in Milan (Italy)


competent forum: Milan

CCS protocol number: 220

type of cause: heroic virtues


opening of informative process:

closing of informative process:

decree on writings:

introduction of cause: 27 August 1893

decree « non cultu »:

opening of apostolic process: 1913

closing of apostolic process: 1915

decree on validity of informative and apostolic processes: 1921

antepreparatory congregation: 16 February 1937

preparatory congregation: 30 April 1940

general congregation: 

promulgation of decree on heroic virtues: 26 July 1948


postulator: Rev. Mauro Domenico Regazzoni, b

petitioner: [1615: Giovanni Francesco Bascapè (Carlo Maria);

                       see also 1850: Fortunato Maria Redolfi]





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