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~ 1708 ~


1) 06 May in Québec (Canada)



bishop of Québec

born: 30 April 1623 in Montigny-sur-Avre, Eure-et-Loir (France)


competent forum: Québec

CCS protocol number: 314

type of cause: heroic virtues



opening of informative process:

closing of informative process:

introduction of cause: 24 September 1890

decree on writings: 14 January 1891

decree « non cultu »: 04 February 1893

opening of apostolic process:

closing of apostolic process:

decree on validity of informative and apostolic processes: 09 November 1904

antepreparatory congregation: 16 January 1912

preparatory congregation: 11 June 1918; 25 November 1958

general congregation: 23 February 1960

promulgation of decree on heroic virtues: 28 February 1960

decree of exemption from required miracle for beatification: 15 March 1980

beatification: 22 June 1980

publication of Positio super canonizatione aequipollenti: 2014

ordinary session of cardinals and bishops: 01 April 2014 

canonization (equipollent): 03 April 2014


postulator during canonization: Rev. Roger Laberge, rsv  

petitioner: Centre François de Laval, 20 rue Buade, Québec, G1R 4A1, CANADA

website: www.francoisdelaval.com




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