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~ 1743 ~


1) 08 February in Rome (Italy)



bishop of Frascati; cardinal;

founder, Collegine Sisters of the Holy Family

born: 02 June 1658 in Sezze, Latina (Italy)


competent forum: Palermo

CCS protocol number: 1883

type of cause: heroic virtues


rescript of “nihil obstat”: 30 October 1992

opening of diocesan inquiry: 19 May 1993

closing of diocesan inquiry: 17 October 1999

decree on validity of diocesan inquiry: 16 March 2001

session of historical consultors: 20 March 2018

publication of Positio: 2018

particular congress of theological consultors: 03 March 2020

ordinary session of cardinals and bishops: 20 April 2021

promulgation of decree on heroic virtues: 24 April 2021


postulator: Sr. Eleonora Alongi

petitioner: Suore Collegine della Sacra Famiglia, Via Giovanni Evangelista di Blasi, 165, 90135 Palermo, ITALY

website: www.suorecollegine.it




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