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~ 2016 ~


1) 02 April in Rio Branco, Acre (Brazil)



professed priest, Servites

born: 02 April 1926 in Quinzano di Loiano, Bologna  (Italy)


competent forum: Rio Branco

CCS protocol number:

type of cause: heroic virtues



nihil obstat:

opening of diocesan inquiry:

closing of diocesan inquiry:

decree on validity of diocesan inquiry:


postulator: Rev. Franco M. Azzalli, osm

petitioner: Servos de Maria - Província do Brasil, Av. Paulo de Frontin, 500 Rio Comprido

                           20261-242 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ BRAZIL

website: www.servitasbrasil.org



2) 26 July in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Seine-Maritime (France) in odium fidei, uti fertur



priest of the archdiocese of Rouen

born: 30 November 1930 in Darnétal, Seine-Maritime (France)


competent forum: Rouen

CCS protocol number:

type of cause: martyrdom



decree of dispensation: 2016

nihil obstat: 2016

opening of diocesan inquiry: 20 May 2017

closing of diocesan inquiry: 09 March 2019

decree on validity of diocesan inquiry:

submission of Positio to CCS:

particular meeting of theological consultors:

session of cardinal and bishop members of the CCS: 


postulator: Rev. Paul Vigouroux

petitioner: Archdiocèse de Rouen, 2 rue des Bonnetiers, BP 886, 76001 Rouen cedex 1, FRANCE

website: rouen.catholique.fr