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~ Saints of 2021 ~

beatification on 13 March in Catamarca  (Argentina), presided by  Ven. Mamerto Esquiú  beatification on 17 April in the Cistercian Abbey of Casamari, Veroli (Italy), presided by  Vv. Simèon-Marie Cardon and 5 companions
beatification on 23 April in Santa Cruz del Quiché  (Guatemala), presided by  Vv. José María Gran Cirera and 9 Companions  beatification on 15 May in the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, Rome (Italy), presided by  Ven. Franziskus Maria of the Cross Jordan
 beatification on 29 May in the Cathedral of Santa María, Astorga (Spain), presided by  Vv. María Pilar Gullón Yturriaga and 2 Companion  beatification on 06 June at the Campo Sportivo Comunale, Chiavenna, Sondrio (Italy), presided by  Ven. Maria Laura Mainetti
 beatification on 21 November at Sacred Heart Parish Church, Kalongo (Uganda), presided by  Ven. Giuseppe Ambrosoli    



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