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~ 1717 ~


1) 07 March in Siétamo, Huesca (Spain)



layperson of the diocese of Huesca;

member, Lay Dominicans

born: 04 November 1648 in Siétamo, Huesca (Spain)


competent forum: Huesca

CCS protocol number: 2336

type of cause: heroic virtues


rescript of “nihil obstat”: 28 March 2000

opening of diocesan inquiry: 17 November 2006

closing of diocesan inquiry: 31 January 2007

decree on validity of diocesan inquiry:

publication of Positio:

session of historical consultors:

particular congress of theological consultors:

ordinary session of cardinals and bishops: 


postulator: Fra Massimo Mancini, op

petitioner: Diócesis de Huesca, Apartado 2, Plaza de la Catedral 2, 22002 Huesca, SPAIN

                      Iglesia Parroquial de San Vicente Ferrer, 22120 Siétamo (Huesca), SPAIN




2) 07 November in Pofi, Frosinone (Italy)



professed priest, Jesuits

born: 19 June 1665 in Florence (Italy)


competent forum: Rome

CCS protocol number: 643

type of cause: heroic virtues



opening of informative process:

closing of informative process:

decree on writings:

introduction of cause:

decree of « non cultu »:

opening of apostolic process:

closing of apostolic process:

decree on validity of informative and apostolic processes:

antepreparatory congregation:

preparatory congregation:

general congregation: 

promulgation of decree on heroic virtues: 28 January 1873

    opening of apostolic process on 1° miracle for beatification: 

    closing of apostolic process on 1° miracle for beatification: 

    opening of apostolic process on 2° miracle for beatification: 

    closing of apostolic process on 2° miracle for beatification: 

    decree on validity of apostolic processes on miracles:

    antepreparatory congregation on miracles:

    preparatory congregation on miracles:

    general congregation on miracles:

    promulgation of decree on miracles: 25 March 1892

beatification: 16 April 1893


postulator: Rev. Pascual Cebollada Silvestre, sj

petitioner: Gesuiti della Provincia d’Italia, Via degli Astalli, 16, 00186 Roma, ITALY





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